About gypsum:

Gypsum is a substance consisting of calcium sulfate dihydrate (CaSO4.2H2O), with a percentage of 79% of calcium sulfate, Wa) from water, a mineral that originated since ancient times. It turns into calcium sulfate when exposed to high temperature, and it is one of the most abundant compounds on the surface of the earth. It is characterized by its transparent whitish color, that it may appear in other colors when there are impurities in it, and these colors are yellow, blue, brown, and reddish brown, Pink, gray, and black are among the few hard minerals, and gypsum is characterized by its presence in several forms that depend on the amount and degree of crystallization, and is characterized by the many applications that can be used in it.

Gypsum date:

Gypsum has been used in construction since ancient times. The pharaohs used gypsum in building the pyramids, as well as gypsum rooms in Greece and the Assyrians. Gypsum was used for the first time in construction in the modern era in the year IAAM AD by the American Augustine Sackett, who invented the gypsum board industry machine to be formed from Layers of paper, including layers of gypsum, and the first factory for the manufacture of gypsum boards was established in America in the year 1900 AD, then developed methods and models for the manufacture of gypsum; To become now more than 200 factories for the manufacture of molds and gypsum boards

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