unique in specialization
In the world of gypsum products

unique in specialization
In the world of gypsum products


unique in specialization
In the world of gypsum products

Ajbas Trading Est

building supplies

At EGBAs Corporation, we provide our customers with all construction requirements with high quality and international specifications throughout the Kingdom

gypsum board

They are gypsum boards made of a mixture of gypsum, silicon and fiberglass and coated with a layer of treated cardboard, which is the result of a German technology, which appeared to be an alternative to false ceilings and walls.

metal industries

Gypsum for Metal Industries: reliable metal sectors, ease of use and formation with standard quality specifications

Finishes and decorations

AGPS owns a distinguished team of distinguished engineers in the field of interior and exterior decorations who can design very impressive works using the latest design programs with the participation of customers with modern ideas

Business and contracting

AGPS is based on a solid base of integrated engineering expertise from highly qualified engineers and technicians, so we are pleased to put our expertise in this field in the hands of our customers to benefit from and achieve their desires

Accessories and decorations

AGPS to provide high quality products and due to the success policy pursued by AGPS management, it has sought to develop its business by working with the latest industrial technologies as well as professional expertise

a word chief executive officer

We are proud in the Agpas Group to be one of the leading entities in the field of manufacturing and trading all types of gypsum and its requirements as a result of proper planning and good management of all production elements that contributed to the success of the group’s business, in addition to the expertise and professional and practical cadres that the group includes as a mainstay in achieving achievements and contributing In achieving the vision of the Kingdom 2030.

chief executive officer
Abdullah Suleiman Al-Aboud

Challenging and innovative...
We aspire to be pioneers in our field...

We are the Agbas Group for Trade and Industry. We are proud as a group that originated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the beginning of 2008 AD under clear and firm foundations and goals.
It is the aspiration and growth to reach leadership in the field of manufacturing and trading all types of gypsum and its accessories under the highest quality and standard standards for building materials in this field and to provide the best services that all customers deserve in all sectors.

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