We seek to provide integrated services in the field of manufacturing and trading gypsum and its products. It represents our values and principles to achieve quality services that enhance the confidence of our community

Vision :

From the first moment of our launch, we, AGPS Industry and Trade, pledged ourselves to provide quality as a first step in our journey, while following and studying the market requirements of modern construction and providing all the requirements of the best designs and modern and advanced orientation with the best quality
Using the best materials and acquiring the best materials to reach
The goal and vision are

To achieve leadership in the world of gypsum products in the Kingdom is a national duty towards society. Maintaining efficiency in the performance and development of work is the largest role and building trust, credibility and commitment between AGPS and customers and access to a real partnership in the successes in every project that contributes services, equipment and The raw materials of the company, AGPS, are being built on the direction of our supervisor and our business partners.


We at Agbas Company for Trade and Industry are proud of the technical and administrative cadres with expertise and high skills and specialized in the field for many years with high competencies in the fields of commerce and industry
This consists in managing
(Metal Industries Factory, Retail and Retail Outlets, Trade and Construction and Contracting Company) and the acquisition of the latest technology and machinery

All this with an independent management and an independent entity represented by the members of the company’s board of directors, which in turn coordinate, plan and manage the business between manufacturing and sales outlets that are stationed from east to west of the Kingdom through main and central warehouses and branches, as well as a sales team spread in all countries of the Kingdom to serve many From customers throughout the year using the private logistics fleet.


– Paying attention to the diversity of reliable products as solutions for interior design engineering.
The trust of our customers is our focus.
We adopt quality as a basis for building trust.
We strive to develop our capabilities by relying on distinguished national cadres.

Ambitious and challenging...to build a promising future

who are we

We are the Agbas Group for Trade and Industry. We are proud as a group that originated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the beginning of 2008 AD under clear and firm foundations and goals.
It is the aspiration and growth to reach leadership in the field of manufacturing and trading all types of gypsum and its accessories under the highest quality and standard standards for building materials in this field and to provide the best services that all customers deserve in all sectors.

And that is through the outlets spread throughout the Kingdom, and we aim to expand in all countries
The Gulf and the Arab world by providing the best product and service to help build a promising future
In the field of construction, building and general contracting, providing all requirements and modern orientation, and contributing to the implementation of the vision of the rational administration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We are a company that aims to provide all building and decoration requirements in the gypsum board business sector. Accordingly, goals and planning have been set to support and support the sector by providing all requirements by opening the increasingly expanding and widespread sales outlets within the Kingdom’s countries under the guidance and vision of Vision 2030.